Bilderberg Investment Group has announced the start of a mega smart city project named “AHNAKOT”, situated in Koh Kong province across 120,000 hectares, with investment value of USD600 billion.

During the press conference held on February 3, 2022, at Sofitel Phokeetra, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Mr. DENIS GIGIL AHNAKOT, Chairman of Bilderberg Investment Co., Ltd said that “Cambodia, is a country with great economic potential, attractive geographical location, with political stability and peaceful relations under the leadership of the Prime Minister Hun Sen, and this leadership is open for investment inside and outside of the country.

AHNAKOT, stated the reason why he chooses Cambodia as an investment destination: “Because Cambodia has very stable government-for over 40 years in Cambodia history, it is also the first time for Cambodian to live in peace and prosperity. It is very important for investors like myself to invest in Cambodia because of the stability of the government, Cambodia is very peaceful without any violence, without any major crime, unlike other countries, Cambodian people are very humble, smart, and have a strong working ethic. The labor force is very large, and everyone is eager to learn to improve themselves. Furthermore, the government provides a very good incentive to all Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and full protection to all investors like myself.”

AHNAKOT mentioned that Koh Kong is a paradise of nature and has a great potential for development. In his “AHNAKOT” project, he focuses on the full development of three major sectors: tourism, industry, and agriculture. The “AHNAKOT” project will be Asia’s first largest smart city, including International Finance and Business Center, Luxury and Exclusive Tourism, Eco-tourism and Agri-Tourism, Smart Agriculture, Science, Innovation and Technology, as well the largest 5-Religion center in the word to attract national and international visitors from everywhere to visit, enjoy and relax. The entire city will accommodate between 5 million and 6 million people.

AHNAKOT added that the “AHNAKOT” project will contribute to the national economic growth, attract Cambodian workers to return to work and live in their home country, improve the living standard of the people of Koh Kong province and of Cambodia, to create at least 700,000 jobs, increase domestic production and expand to regional markets, and especially solved the problem of no market for local producers by buying all local fresh products.

AHNAKOT estimates that the entire project will be fully completed in the next 5 to 7 years and will be opened to the public phase by phase.

Finally, the investor also expressed his support for His Excellency Hun Manet as the candidate for Prime Minister of the Cambodian People’s Party, stating that he believes in the leadership of Hun Sen and also in the candidacy of His Excellency Hun Manet because their leadership is the reason why he dare to invest in this mega project for the benefit of the nation.

AHNAKOT would like to send a final message to Koh Kong people: “Please don’t worry, don’t be afraid, don’t let anyone take advance take of you. Please ALL OF YOU, corporate with us to create this amazing project successfully. So, your life will be full of happiness, and you will have a rich life for all your children, your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. Please don’t sell the land to anyone, please keep the land to corporate with us to build the “AHNAKOT” project successfully because it is the national benefit for all of you. I believe that our prime minister will protect all of you.”

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