Film & T.V. Studio

Bilderberg Group Entertainment will house a modern, purpose-built complex for film and television production. It will consist of more than 23,226m² (250,000ft²) of production space, shooting stages, including one of the largest purpose-built soundstage in the world. Localized support facilities and office space accommodating productions of any scale.

Office & Work Space

Flexible office space, divisible conference rooms, executive suites and preconfigured accounting offices, all come equipped with: configurable furniture, large network infrastructure (for fast file transfer and real-time monitoring), private and secure wireless connectivity and VoIP phone systems. Our modern dividable conference rooms will be ideal for all production briefings, meetings or read-throughs. Each room is supplied with comfortable seating and telephone conferencing facilities.

Fully equipped workshops at 600m² (5,000ft²) cater to any production size. Whether a productions need on site mill shops or secure lock-up storage we will have a workshop to suit all production needs.

Our Art Department Facilities are flexible, furnished spaces, between 195m² to 205m² (2,100ft² and 2,200ft²) in size, fully adaptable to all your creative needs and equipped with fluorescent, incandescent and natural light.

Wardrobe facilities are located around the Studios and available for every production to rent. Sizes range from 167m² to 205m² (1,800ft² to 2,200ft²) All come equipped with washers, dryers and sewing stations and feature load-levelling docks to move wardrobe racks in and out.


The Bilderberg Group will provide digital imaging expertise and customized video equipment rental services to enable motion picture and television professionals to achieve their creative vision. Systems such as IMAX, 3ality, Real 3D & Cinesail 3D will be available these are are proven, reliable and have been employed on major studio features like Resident Evil: Retribution and Pompeii, The Dark Night, Pacific Rim, The Hobbit, commercials and music videos.


A telescopic crane that is used in the film industry and in television production, currently manufactured and designed in the Czech Republic. There are many different sizes available, from 15 feet to 100 feet. The camera is mounted on the remote head on the end of the crane and is moved by a camera operator at a control desk. The Technocrane can telescope at different speeds controlled by the operator. It allows camera moves that cannot be achieved using a jib arm and dolly, and the telescoping can be used to compensate for the camera moving in an arc.

Picture Vehicles

When it’s time to get on the road, our camera vehicles will keep productions moving. Featuring custom manufactures and designs Bilderberg will own and operate everything from process trailers, tow dollies, electric golf carts and a wide variety of specialized mounts and accessories. Our vehicles are purpose built to integrate high-tech cranes and remote heads, adding yet another dimension to production.

LRX Lighting

Famous for their quick moves and fast set-up times, these trucks will save productions time and money every time. Optional 6K HMI, 12K HMI, 12K Tungsten Lighting array rotates 360 deg. Individual lamps pan 180 degrees and tilt 120 degrees. This is a totally self-contained robotic aerial lighting system. Set-up is efficient and takes only minutes which makes on-site relocation quick and easy. No extra equipment is required. It is the perfect fit for every location and every budget. The LRX lighting system comes complete with six robotic lighting heads, gel frame holders, ballasts for 6K HMI and 12K HMI lamps, dimmer packs for 12K tungsten lamps, sound-attenuated generator, full wireless lamp function, hardwire remote control, spare lamps, truck, flat black crane, and an experienced “licensed” LRX operator.


The Bilderberg Group will feature a wide variety of exterior sets. Everything from New York City to a jungle lagoon will be on the Studio’s backlot. The sets can be dressed to resemble any time, period or look imaginable. The best part is that productions will be in a controlled environment with virtually every production service available right at their fingertips. Spread over many hectares of land our design & construction team will have the capability to build any set required, giving productions unprecedented ability to meet all needs.