Chairman’s Message

After the challenges of the global financial crisis, confidence in property eventually returned and Bilderberg Group remains committed to being an integral part of ambitious expansion plans, the launch of an exciting array of new projects that will improve our community and attract residents, tourists and investors to the fastest growing cities in this part of the world.

The commitment of our staff is key to our success, and I thank my team of talented people who are turning our vision into reality. As our business diversifies from our core business development in retail, leasing and free offers, we continue to take advantage of new opportunities that drive growth of The Bilderberg Group, cities and the nation as a whole, creating a solid legacy for future generations.

Strengthened strategic alliances with outstanding partners, as well as the support of the Government of Vietnam and Cambodia and commitment management Bilderberg Group’s implementation of our business plan, our success is closely linked to the evolution of our projects and we are fully committed to playing a key role and building strategies at the global level.