1. Executive Assistant (for secretarial and administrative tasks),
  2. Specialist for media relations.
  3. Development Manager
  4. Advisors for the sale of real estate …


To join Bilderberg Group is to join a dynamic global company proud of its traditional values. At Bilderberg Group you are involved in your own development. Depending on your aspirations, your abilities and your aptitude for progress, we will give you the means to balance your ambitions with training programs and an effective staff development policy. Join us.

  • CUSTOMER ORIENTATION – To Please, Meet Expectations, Respect
  • EXPECTATIONS – Success, Respect for Rules, Progress
  • SOCIAL RELATIONS – Rallying, Team Spirit, Learning,
  • RESPECT – Acceptance, Understanding, Trust, Courtesy, Commitment

During the stages of construction The Bilderberg Group will employ thousands of workers. Most of these positions will be filled by local Vietnamese and Cambodia Employees such as; Architects, Engineers, Designers, Project Managers, Lawyers, Welders, Skilled Labourers, Gardeners etc. These positions will be filled through Vietnamese, Cambodia and International Construction and Engineering Firms. All these employees will be hired with competitive rates, safe working conditions and fair treatment.


We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and on providing unique experiences to our guests, however we can only achieve this through our colleague’s commitment to deliver the “Stay Different” promise to our guests. The Bilderberg Group will continually strive to be one of the best and most progressive work environments in the world. To accomplish our goal of being a leading Business, Family, Tourist Resort & Film Production Studio, we search for people driven to deliver exceptional guest experiences and who encourage others around them to do the same. Our staff will consist of Vietnamese, Cambodian and international experts in fields such as, hospitality, culinary arts, amusement park design, film & television production technicians, special effects technicians, film production educators etc. In total The Bilderberg Group expects to employ thousands of full time employees to run and maintain the resort, schools and film studios once all phases of construction are completed. The salaries for these positions will compete with equivalent positions internationally.


1. Currently Hiring