About Us


Bilderberg Investment Group has received the endorsements from the relevant national authorities to develop 6 cities and town size projects utilizing the most modern planning, integration and efficiency of construction, resource management and operational outcomes to deliver sustainable world class lifestyle properties in Asia. These 6 projects are spread equally between Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and Approval is pending in process for new 3 smart cities in CAMBODIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA and BRAZIL


Bilderberg Investment Group delivers opportunity to all stakeholders through the considered and planned wealth and investment strategies the Group has employed over many decades. The economic value of jobs, employment and investment form the foundation of the project value propositions. The Investment opportunities of funding and ownership follow naturally bringing further wealth and prosperity to the national partners, an equitably rewarding outcome for all conscientious investors today.


Bilderberg Investment Group is not a normal investment and property developing partner. Bilderberg seeks to leave more value and wealth on the ground and within the communities than before the projects were initiated. Bilderberg builds long term commercial and financial relationships for further national benefit even after the projects are completed bringing legacy value and benefit long afterwards. Reputation is integrity, integrity is investment, investment reputation is the Bilderberg legacy Vision