The Bilderberg Team

Our Renowned Team

Christphe AUBIN-NURY

 bBy Christphe AUBIN-NURY de MALICORNE, MBA graduate, D.E.S from the University PARIS 1-Panthéon Sorbonne and Specialization at HARVARD University;  Doctoral student and Member of the International Law Research Center (CEDIN) at the University of PARIS 10-Nanterre. Expert for more than 10 years in Finance and International Economic Affairs. Specialist Consultant to the A.R..S (African Regional Services) Agence du  United States Government. Director at the SCMS (World Bank registered consultant).  Author also of articles, conferences and books on economic development, including “Applied Structural Methodology, Integrated Growth Poles”

Simon George Wilburn Rudland

Simon George Wilburn Rudland is a businessman with interests in logistics, agriculture and finance.

Rikki Doolan

Rikki Doolan is a businessman with interest Real Estate  and finance .

Paul Kamlesh Pattni

Paul Kamlesh Pattni s a businessman with interest Entertainment and finance