The Media Academy will be able to house, educate and support hundreds of students a semester. All student’s will have access to the state of the art equipment, world class educators and employment opportunities on international productions. Our educators will be hired from overseas to bring first class international experience to Vietnam.

As a professional training program we find having specific emphases at the undergraduate level is highly important to creating successful careers. To be able to cover the breadth of the film/video/media industry a number of skills and content areas must be covered with a high level of rigor. As media has infused itself into all forms of global communications the education program will deliver significant portions of an arts undergraduate education within the film/video/media context and content areas.


Lights! Camera! Action! The Bilderberg Group will provide a world-class film program that will teach technical and storytelling skills that will lead students to to make short and feature length films: documentaries, fiction films and experimental films. They will learn by doing, working with classmates to produce professional-level work. Students will gain experience in all aspects and areas of filmmaking: cinematography, sound, editing, writing, producing and directing. At the same time, learning learn film history and theories


The Bilderberg Group will run it’s own education program in the 3D Animation & Visual Effects field. This program will teach the creative perspective that computer animation is an instrument for telling a compelling story. By combining cinematic and technological training students not only learn to make films, they learn to make their own film.

After learning foundational art and computer animation skills and exploring a variety of 3D disciplines, students may elect to specialize in 3D Animation. Animation is known as the “Illusion of Life”; animators create performances that allow an audience to forget they are seeing pixels on a screen. Students refine their focus in disciplines such as Storyboarding, Visual Storytelling, Art Direction, Character Design, Modeling and Setup, 3D Animation, 3D Texturing, and 3D Lighting. Under the guidance of instructors and industry mentors, students will develop a complete animated short film, from concept development through the processes of animation, lighting, texturing, rendering, and sound.

After learning foundational art and computer animation skills and exploring a variety of 3D disciplines, students may elect to specialize in Visual Effects. Visual Effects (VFX) are any effects digitally created or enhanced for a movie, TV, or video game production. The goal of all visual effects is to keep the audience focused on the story and characters, and good VFX artists are judged by their ability to make the impossible seem absolutely real.

To do this, artists need to know cinematography, lighting and colour theory, as well as having solid 2D and 3D skills. VFS extends its immersive philosophy to this specialty, and if you specialize in VFX, you will design and shoot your own live-action scenes, as well as study disciplines including Design, Modeling, Match Moving, Surfacing, Lighting, Digital Texture Painting, and Digital Compositing, as you create an original, high-quality VFX reel. Students specializing in Visual Effects most often go on to work as VFX or Pre-Visualization artists in film, TV, and video games.

  • Prep character for animation, including facial setup
  • Create animation cycles that express a character’s personality
  • Thumbnail, block, spline, and polish animated sequences
  • Animate a professional-level workload each week
  • Present progress regularly to mentors
  • Develop a concept for an original film
  • Research the concept/character back story
  • Create the characters for the film
  • Develop a pitch package Create 2D and 3D animatic storyboards
  • Model characters